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Insulated Roofs

Here at American Patio Enclosures, we firmly believe that Insulated Roofs are the future commercial and industrial construction. They are long lasting, environment-friendly, and energy-efficient, making them without a doubt a worthy investment. Primarily composed of layers of galvanized steel and advanced foam core, Insulated Metal Panels are considered the perfect weather shield and energy-efficient roof in the market. We offer 3″, 4″, and 6″ insulated roof panels with .024″ aluminum for added protection against heat and rain. They can also be designed with electrical beams so your electrician can wire lighting or fans at a later date without having wires exposed.

Benefits of Insulated Metal Panels

  • High Durability – Metal Panels can withstand various weather conditions i.e. intense sunlight, strong rains, and hail without letting moisture seep in and mold or rust build up. It also requires very minimal maintenance compared to other roofing materials.
  • Energy Efficiency – It is hard to outmatch its efficient insulation. This can greatly lower energy consumption and provide a continuous thermal barrier for the equipment and people you are safeguarding inside.
  • Design Flexibility – Whether it is a new or retrofit roofing project, or a horizontal or vertical installation, we can adjust to your needs, preferences, and budget. Metal Panels are no longer confined to simple designs. We can now customize the kind of shape, color, texture, density, and size you want.
  • Easy Installation – Our Insulated Metal Panels are incredibly easy to install that we also recommend this kind of roofing for establishments exposed to changing weather conditions. Faster installation also means lower cost on labor.
  • Maintenance Free & Termite Resistant – Call us today to find out more information.

Why American Patio Enclosures?

We at American Patio Enclosures value cost-efficiency. This means that we only deliver high quality Insulated Metal Roofs and have them installed by local professionals. We never outsource and we don’t short-change. If you are after no-frills, no-nonsense superior quality construction, then we are your team. We are known as a trusted metal roofing authority in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area because we always maintain 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Call today for a free and no-obligation estimate and we would be happy to serve you immediately.

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