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Solar Screens

There has always been a misconception about Solar Screens. Many people think that they are only a form of luxury and are above their budget. However, we at American Patio Enclosures are here to tell them otherwise. The Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area often has warmer climate and is prone to mosquito problems. As a resident in DFW, your home or business needs more protection.

Solar screens not only give additional protection against the weather and pests, they are also a valuable and affordable investment. The best part is that the moment they are installed, they will start helping you save money. Our team is here to help you maximize the perks of solar screens for years to come.

We have a wide variety of Solar Screen Types as well as an impressive selection and customizable of Screen Fabric, Spline, Frames, and Corners to choose from.

Benefits of Solar Screens

  • Provides Protection from Insects and the Sun
  • Cuts Down on Electricity Bills by Up to 30%
  • Protects Your Interior, i.e. Furniture, Hardwood, Carpet, Draperies Against Fading and Sun Rot
  • Reduces Glare on Computers, Phones, and TVs
  • Gives Additional Privacy & Allows You to Open Your Blinds & Shutters Even During Daytime
  • Brings in Soft Light
  • Provides Excellent Outward Visibility & Ventilation
  • Protects Your Family from Harmful UV Sunlight
  • Preserves the Outside View Without Worrying About Harmful Sunlight
  • Boosts Curb Appeal
  • Greatly Absorbs Heat from the Outside & Reduces Room Temperature
  • Highly Customizable to Match Your Home/Business’ Appearance/ Gives Your House a Facelift

Why American Patio Enclosures?

Rest assured that we at American Patio Enclosures only deliver high quality Solar Screens. We always take into consideration our customers’ design preference, needs, and budget. There is a reason why we are known as a reputable solar screen authority in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area — and it is mainly because we always deliver 100% Customer Satisfaction.

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